Aveiro City


Aveiro is a small and peaceful seaside town, near the Atlantic coastline (6 km of distance), with 75.000 inhabitants located at the centre of Portugal, 250 km North from Lisbon (Portela International Airport) and 60 km to the South of Porto (Franscisco Sá Carneiro International Airport). The town is renowned by its beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful scenery over the coastal lagoon (“Ria de Aveiro”), temperate climate, casual lifestyle and proximity to Lisbon and Porto. The main characteristic of the surrounding area is an extensive coastal lagoon (“Ria de Aveiro”) which cover around 11,000 hectares between the land and the ocean. Aveiro is also an important centre of industry and commerce.



Exploring Aveiro on board of a traditional boat (“moliceiro”) is an unforgettable experience. In the past, the “moliceiro” was used for harvesting and carrying riverweed across the lagoon. “Moliceiros” are perfectly lined wooden boats with hand crafted design, brightly painted and beautifully decorated that stand out as one of the main Aveiro’s tourist attraction.


Lying on the south-eastern side of the lagoon, the city of Aveiro is crossed by several charming canals linked by picturesque bridges. Visitors can discover its rustic charm by taking a boat tour around the canals or by biking or walking through its peaceful pathways. While staying in Aveiro, do not miss an early morning visit to Aveiro’s famous fish market (Mercado do Peixe), where you can see different types of fish at the auctions.


For those interested in history, culture and art, there are plenty of special places worth visiting in Aveiro, starting with the city center museums, churches, monuments and public buildings of architectural importance such as:


  • The Old Captainship.
  • The Manuel Firmino Market is a traditional market close to the canal.
  •  The D. Pedro V Gardens, built in 1862 on the grounds belonging to the monastery of St. António. The gardens have an avenue of lime trees, a bandstand and romantic nooks amongst bridges and trees.
  • The Aveiro Museum occupies the former Jesus Convent building. The museum collection comprises paintings, sculptures, traditional tiles, jewellery, furniture and ceramics, mainly from the Baroque period.
  • The Art Nouveau Museum, located at Casa Major Pessoa is a true icon of art nouveau, where you can travel back in time. The Museum also houses an enchanting Teahouse where you can relax and watch the world go by.
  • The Troncalhada EcoMuseum is an authentic salt marina where you can discover the work of the salt collectors, experience the beauty of the salt plains, and find out how salt was traditionally produced.

Of all the boats seen in the area, the “moliceiro” is the most elegant traditional boat, being perfectly lined, painted with bright colours and with often creative and humorous decorations.


The City offers a wide choice of entertainment including bars, restaurants, night-clubs, cinemas, theatres and concerts and of course there are the thriving Portuguese cafés.

At Aveiro, you can find lots of fabulous places to eat meat and fresh fish, paired with a great and extensive list of Portuguese white and red wines. Aveiro is also renowned for its sweets: the most famous are “ovos moles” (soft-eggs), beautifully shaped sweet delicatessen made with egg yolks and sugar in candied casings.